Hollywood Beverly Hills Tour

Know what stardom feels like with an enthralling Hollywood Beverly Hills tour. Delve into the glamor, luxury, and the world of fame through a personalized tour. Tour the buzzing destinations of Los Angeles in complete comfort.
Go sightseeing, visit the most legendary locations, and know where the rich and famous live. Drive on the Sunset Strip, stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and spot celebrity homes throughout your home. Get the bang for your buck with a customized itinerary and private tour in the poshest areas of LA.
Our premium Beverly Hills Tour is your gateway to splendid traveling stories. Astounding architecture, historical sites, and panoramic views — unravel extraordinary LA through Private Tours Los Angeles.
Basics About Beverly Hills
The lavish Beverly Hills is bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains on the north side. Beverly Hills is just six miles northeast of Santa Monica and nine miles west of LA. It is eminent around the United States for being exclusive and expensive.

Beverly Hills became part of the United States after the acquisition of California in the mid-1800s under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It accommodates the majority of the city's residents. Take a gander at the uber-class residences with hefty price tags. Plus, many celebrities have their home in Beverly Hills.

What Our Clients Says
Tour Highlights
Take a look at this destination checklist before embarking on the tour with our team of professionals.
Visit the historic filming location, learn about the most significant Hollywood stories, and go to the buzzing celebrity clubs located on Hollywood Boulevard. The iconic Chinese Theatres, Walk of Fame, and Dolby Theatre are all here.
Get immersed in the scenic beauty of Los Angeles with Mulholland Drive. Discover legendary destinations like Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Disney Studios, Universal, Warner Bros, and Downtown LA.
If you like to party, Sunset Strip is the place to be. Unravel the nightlife at this quintessential LA location. Check out the classy boutiques, restaurants, rock clubs, nightclubs, and upscale shopping stores. Find Hollywood elites right here!
Glimpse into the homes of the most renowned celebrities. Opulent estates stretching across Beverly Hills are among the top attractions of the city. Get an up-close look at the residences of stars such as Michael Jackson, Al Pacino, Halle Berry, Dr. Phil, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Charlize Theron, Bruno Mars, Ozzy Osburne, Will Ferrel and more!
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